Orange County, NY

Data Availability

This information is provided by the Clerk as a reference.
Any questions about data availability should be directed to the County.
Document Dates Notes
Land Records
(Deeds, Mortgages, POAs, etc.)
1/1/1978-Present Land records are being
back scanned to include
prior years
Business Certificates 1/1/1987-Present
Certs of Incorporation 1/1/1987-Present
Federal Tax Liens 1/1/1987-Present
Judgments 1/1/1987-Present
Maps 1/1/1989-Present Maps are being indexed
and back scanned to include
prior years
Court Records 8/2/1993-Present
Computer Notes
(marginal notes)
MTG Book 5614-295
DEED Book 4322-129
Lis Pendens 10/1/1993-Present
Consolidated Lien Docket
(Mechanics, Condo, B&L,
Notice of Lending,
Order Appt Receiver, etc.)
(against real prop)
1/1/1997-Present UCCs are being indexed
and back scanned to include
prior years
Executions 1/1/1998-Present
Public Welfare Liens 1/1/1999-Present Assignments of L/R were not
noted on mortgages from

Subordination Agreements -
Mortgagor names not indexed
on deeds until 7/1/2003
Release of Estate Tax Liens 4/1/1996-Present
Religious Corps 1/1/2003-Present
Index Books
Grantor/Grantee 1972-1977 Index
Mortgagor 1972-1978 Index
Record Books
Deeds Books
Mortgages Books

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