Oxford County, ME

Data Availability

This information is provided by the Register as a reference. 
Any questions about data availability should be directed to the County.
Document Dates Availability
Land Data 6/19/1799-Present Index Data and Images
Plans/Maps Data 5/5/1923-Present Index Data and Images
Early Books

Former Western District

Former Eastern District

Book 1 Page 3 to
Book 266 Page 999

Book 1 Page 1 to
Book 600 Page 499

Index Data and Images

Index Data and Images


Former EAST District 1 to 600
Former WEST District 1 to 266

In the event you find F# or FILE # while searching the WEST INDEX, please be aware that you will need to call the Registry for information on these, as this was the way the UCCs were filed during this timeframe in the former WEST DISTRICT.

On the Search page, you will see a tab at the top of the page for EARLY BOOKS. This includes all documents for the former EAST District from 1805 to the '70s. Specifically, any books 1 to 600 for the former EAST district can be found here. You will find BOOKS 1-266 for the former WEST district here, dating back to 1799 and up to 1985. In the past all mortgages were in one book and deeds in another etc., so there are some books in the '60s and '70s which are found in Early Books and some in the main Search.

Click on Early Books and you will have a choice to search by name or Book and Page. (Choose DEEDS for the EAST district, OWBOOKS for WEST District) If you know the Book and Page click on the "Go to Document" tab. Fill in those fields and click "Go to Document."

To search by name, fill in the last name only, then Select Volume. Choose OWINDEX for WEST District at the bottom of the EAST in the drop down. Use the arrow to search the index in the date range you want. Click Search. You will see the page that contains that name, if there was a transaction during that time period. Note that there may be more than one book for a given year.

The page is a copy of the original index book and therefore you must page through, like a telephone directory, until you find the last and first name you seek. Use the arrows near the print button. The page will show you Grantor, Grantee, Kind of Instrument, Location and Document dates. Once you locate the Book and Page you want to view, toggle to the "Go to Document" page.