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Getting Started

NOTE:  Fields on search screen vary by municipality.

Entering criteria in fewer fields will give broader results—for example, entering a last name and first initial.

You may also enter a partial name to account for possible spelling differences. For example, putting "Jo" in the first name field would show results for both "Jon" and "John."

If criteria entered is too specific and numerous fields are filled in, it will narrow your results.


By default, the search will look for results in both Party 1 and Party 2 fields. To only search the name in the field it is typed in, uncheck the “Ignore party type when searching for name” box.

To begin searching, type the name of the person or company in the Party 1 field. If you are searching for an individual, make sure to type their last name first.


You may enter a date range or leave both fields blank to search all records. To see anything recorded up to today, leave the Thru field blank.

Document Group

You can narrow your search by selecting a document group. Clicking on the drop-down will show you all available groups.

Document Description

Your search can be narrowed further by selecting the type of document you are looking for. Clicking on the drop-down will show you all the available types.


If you are searching in a County with multiple towns, you can narrow your search by town.

Not all documents are indexed to a town. If you enter a town and you can’t find what you’re looking for, try removing the town from your search.

Book and Page, Instrument Number, Case Number

If you know the exact book and page, instrument number, or case number of the document you are looking for, simply fill in those fields and click Search. No other search criteria are needed.

IMPORTANT: Municipalities all index documents and cases differently, so searching methods may differ. If you are having issues with your search results, contact the municipality directly.