Electronic Cover Page (Putnam County, NY)

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Getting Started

Access the cover page service >

You will need to create a new account to access this service. It is a separate account from the Putnam County web search.

We recommend using Google Chrome. For best results, use the navigation menu at the top instead of the browser's back button.

Step 1: Document Information

  1. Choose the document type using the dropdown
  2. Enter Last Name or Company Name and First Name and click the Add as Party 1 button. The name will drop into the grid below.
  3. Repeat for Party 2.
  4. Enter  Return Address. If left blank, it will default to the account holder's address.

Step 2: Calculate Fees

  1. Enter Number of Pages in document (not including the cover page)
  2. Fill in appropriate fields by entering a “1” if included.
    • For Deeds enter a “1” in Residential OR All Others
    • For  Mortgages enter a “1” if TP is included.
  3. Choose Calculation Method using the drop-down.
NOTE: You can add another document at this time or Go To Print Cover Page

Step 3: Print Cover Page

Review – Before printing, you can add or remove docs (you can’t change them at this point). Then click Save and Print.

You can click on RePrint in the top menu to see items included in package. Then click the Download or Print icon.