Downloading and Printing

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We recommend downloading documents as PDFs instead of printing. This allows you to save the documents for as long as you’d like, print them unlimited times, or send them via email.

Please review our System Requirements before downloading.

Downloading PDFs

Click on the Print/Download button to download, print, or view images.
Next, specify the images in the document you would like, and click on the Print/Download button. If you'd like a specific area to print, use the Zoom buttons and your mouse until you have the desired area in the view window, then click on Current Viewing Area button.

If there is a charge, you will be prompted to securely enter your credit card information before you can continue.

This will be followed by a dialog so you can monitor the progress.

If you have a lot of images (or if files are large in size), you may want to download using a page range. This will make the file size smaller, allowing faster processing.

If you'd like to save multiple documents to download later, you can use the My Documents feature.

The following dialog will then open, allowing you to view, print, or download your images.

Clicking on the Download button will save a PDF on your PC.

NOTE: You may first want to specify in your browser settings “where” your download will go. For example, your desktop.

You can also click on the Cancel button at this time.

On the top right toolbar, click on the printer icon to print or the download icon to save a PDF to your PC.

Printing Images

Clicking on the  View / Print button will open your document in a window where you can print from Acrobat Reader or your browser.
To ensure you're printing the entire image, make sure to set the page size to Letter and click on Fit to printable area. Since the document might be larger than a letter-sized page. This will help avoid printing issues.