My Documents

The My Documents folder stores multiple documents until you are ready to download, allowing you to pay for everything at one time.

Add documents to the folder as you work and when you’re ready, click the My Documents link at the top of the screen to view all of your stored documents.

The checked box indicates the document is selected and ready to download. You may uncheck items at this point if you decide you don’t want them.

Indicate the image range before downloading, otherwise ALL images will download for the selected document.

Next, click on the red PDF icon to download individual documents, or the Get Selected button to download more than one.

At this time, you may be prompted for billing information.

This will be followed by a dialog so you can monitor the progress. When the dialog opens, you can view, print, or download your images.

For more information, see Downloading and Printing.

NOTE: If you leave your session idle for too long without any activity, or if you log out of your session, these documents will not remain in the My Documents folder.