Index Books (Historical Documents)

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Getting Started

Index Books allow you to search historical documents in our online database.

You can search Index Books to find out which book and page records appear on in actual books. If Record Books are scanned, you can view and download documents.

Begin by clicking the Index Books tab. For some municipalities, the tab is labeled Early Books.

Search by Name

Clicking the Index Books link opens the screen below, allowing you to Select Volume from the drop-down menu, and then enter the last name in the Find Name field.

When you locate the name, you will see the book and page listed. You can then click on Go to Document and look it up. 

Go to Document

Make sure to Select Book Type before entering the Book, then the Page in each field.  

If there are no images available, you will see the message "No images were found for book".

This indicates there is only an index available.

Image Toolbar

To download the image shown, click on the Print/Download button to open the dialog box.

If the document is more than one page, make sure to enter the total number of pages, including the current page shown.

If you’re unsure how many pages are in the document, use the menu arrows at the top to scroll through and view pages.

NOTE: Availability of images and/or index lists varies by location. See Data Availability before searching. If you’re not able to locate your document online, please contact the municipality and they will be able to direct your search.